Matthew continues to recover remarkably well. He was moved out of the Pediatric ICU late this morning, and is now in an intermediate-care room on the pediatric floor. He has been quite awake and alert today, and he even gave us some smiles and one little giggle this evening.

Goals for today were to possibly start eating and perhaps discontinue his oxygen. Matthew made his first messy diaper after surgery, and his bowel sounds increased – great signs of progress! It means things are moving through his intestines the way they should. He was cut back to only on 1/8 L. of oxygen, and there was some debate about just how high is O2 saturations need to be. For now, that tiny bit is keeping everyone happy (except Matthew – he really wants that tube off his face!) Late this evening the surgeon gave the “o.k.” to start small amounts of clear fluids, and I don’t think any baby has ever enjoyed 2 oz of unflavored pedialyte more. They are considering a trial-run of no oxygen overnight to see how he does.

We also met with the pediatric thoracic surgeon who will be doing Matthew’s heart surgery. Surgery is set for May 7th, and Matthew needs to be as healthy as he can be. Even a mild respiratory virus can be dangerous and will delay the surgery.

The wonderful photographer, Holly Perona, who took pictures of Matthew in the NICU did another family portrait for us last Thursday. She added one of our pictures to her slideshow on her website: Click on “photography” and see the slide show, then be sure to click on “giving back” to see a great Matthew smile. The original pictures are still available under “Client Area” password: matthew. She gave us such a priceless gift with these photos, we can’t thank her enough.


One thought on “Progress

  1. Yeeeeaaaaa!!! I’m so happy to hear this news. I have a picture of Matthew right above my monitor, so I think about him often. We continue to pray for growth, healing and guidance for his doctors.


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