Wednesday, March 19 2008

Things moved quickly once we were in Spokane. They did a contrast enema to see his intestines more clearly, and this showed that a portion of his colon had slipped through a hole in his diaphram, and was trapped in his chest cavity. He needed surgery. The blood supply to his colon was being cut off. They weren’t sure if they would be able to save his intestine, or if they would have to remove some of it. We were told he may even end up with a colostomy. By 9:00am he was in surgery. The surgery went as well as it could go, though. They were able to save all of his bowel and close the hole without complication. The surgeon said that his colon looked like it had been deprived of blood on and off for quite a while – he saw some chronic ischemic changes, and he was amazed by Matthew’s ability to adapt and live with it. We were so glad that we caught it in time, before there was more serious damage to the bowel. By that afternoon, they were able to turn the ventilator off and let Matthew breathe on his own. He did really well, and they completely removed the breathing tube at 10:00pm.


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